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 “As a creative photographer my aim is to capture the essence of the moment – the light through the leaves, a smile, storm clouds, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty”

Valerie has been fascinated by photography since childhood. Starting off with a small camera and black and white film, she moved up to a second hand Yashica rangefinder, which she used for years. This camera taught her a lot about photography and produced stunning photographs. During these years, her photography was mostly a hobby, limited to family occasions and holiday pictures. She discover Agfa slide film, which gave stunning slide shows but were limited to view!

During these years, her day job did not reflect her hobby.. As a gifted creative and visionary, she was definitely a square peg in a round hole as she moved up the corporate ladder. As with so many creatives working in very large corporations, the strain of trying to be someone you’re not became too much and she became ill. So ill she had to quit work. 

To try and overcome her illness, Sweeney booked a year long Creative Photography course in Lord Edward Street. Here she meet like minded people, from whom she learned and shared so much, that she realised photography was her new way forward. 

Together with her new friends and with the help of her fantastic tutor, Jennifer Sweeney of JMS Photography, they entered the open event of Photography Ireland with an exhibition in the Chocolate Factory called Reflections in 2015 and in 2016 with  From Where I Stand. In March this year, she again exhibited, this time Connected at the Copperhouse.




Absolutely fabulous photographer - Valerie never stops shooting and always looking for the best angle and image. Great fun to be with and a dab hand at the editing. Great photographer with a big heart. You rock Valerie
Helen Quirke
Very talented lady with a wonderful outlook on Life . Always comes up with different view points and a pleasure to in her company
Rodney O Callaghan
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